Monday, August 29, 2011

School has kept us a little busy!

School has kept us busy, but not too busy for play! Stephen decided today that some of his buddies needed a nap, so he put them into his bed. He had the Count, Grover, Elmo (that's the BIG red one), Camel, Hawney (that's what he calls the sock monkey - the orange argyle guy), blue bunny, tiger, and Lightening McQueen. They stayed in bed until he got home from school, when Stephen decided they were done napping, and they all "jumped" to the floor.

Stephen lost one of his top front teeth right before school started, and since then, we'd been drilling it in to his head that he needed to try not to swallow another tooth (because the one next to it was loose already), and if it came out at school, to give it to a teacher, or a parent at home. I guess that worked, because one morning last week, we woke up to this:

And I found his tooth in his room. So we FINALLY had a tooth to give to the Tooth Fairy!

Unfortunately, this happened while Stephen was home sick. He got his first "school cold" and missed 2 days last week.

He was pretty pitiful, but he has recovered well, and was back at school today. And today, our big boy COLORED at school. And he didn't just color, but he surprised his teacher by coloring EIGHT pages in his work book on his own. As soon as I see it, I'll post pictures, I promise. He has also been walking up the stairs at home without holding on to anything, and he has been saying all sorts of new words! We are so excited to see our little man's growth lately!!

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