Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The BUS!

It only took a week, but the school district finally got their bus schedule straightened out so that they could pick up Stephen for school yesterday. We had been reading a bus book for about 2 weeks, and he loved it, and we managed to find a small school bus (Match Box style) this weekend, and Stephen was very excited about this new venture. He became a little anxious when the bus finally arrived at our house, but according to his pre-k teacher, he liked riding the bus quite a bit.

I still pick him up in the afternoon, so I can talk to his teacher if necessary, and because I
don't want him to have to spend a lot of time on the bus AFTER school. This is just the latest step in Stephen's journey towards becoming a big boy. *sigh*

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Cindy said...

Stephen, I loved riding the bus too! I will miss the bus rides since I'll be walking to school this year. Your friend, Natalie