Sunday, March 11, 2012

Head Bobs

It's only taken a year of swim lessons, but Stephen finally is comfortable enough putting his head in the water to do head bobs. Well, sort of... he won't dunk himself under completely, but he is perfectly happy putting his face in to the water. The ability to hold his breath has been a very difficult skill for Stephen to develop - it's one of those oral motor skills that challenges him. But he has figured it out, finally, and we are SO PROUD!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The little fish

Stephen has been making a lot of progress with his swim lessons lately, and actually spends more time withOUT a float belt in lessons than with one.

This picture is Stephen in his new swim trunks. He really likes them, and I caught him dancing in the locker room before his class.

He's been doing better with holding on to the kick board, and it helps him to get his feet out behind him to kick.

He also swims quite a distance with just the pool noodle for support.

Back floats? Well, we're still working on those. Today, however, he did manage to do it with just one hand under his back, and no float belt (obviously, not this picture).

But this... THIS is the most exciting thing - look at that little fish SWIMMING without a float! AND his head is under the water!!!

I think that there is a possibility that Stephen might just pass to the next swim level in the next few months if he keeps this up!