Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's HOT!

It's been unseasonably hot here lately, and we've been very grateful for our new inflatable pool! It's about 12 feet long, and 6 wide, and we can fill it up so that the water hits Stephen's chest when he sits down. He loves to just scoot all over the pool, and play with water toys.

We just finished 2 weeks of swim lessons. I think Stephen will need one more month of lessons at his current level, because he is still struggling with blowing bubbles, but he made tremendous progress during this session! By the end of the second week, he was learning how to do the backstroke, and was doing pretty well with the kicking part of it! And he has demonstrated that he can doggy paddle pretty well on his own, with minimal float assistance (only a back float), which makes us very proud. I don't have any pictures of swim lessons because we were always facing in to the sun (these lessons were at an outdoor pool). We are headed to AZ soon, so Stephen will be able to work on his new swimming skills multiple times a day in the pool at his grandparents' house.

We have been keeping busy while on summer vacation with playing, dancing, swim lessons, artwork, and reading. Since it's been so warm, it's been hard to convince Stephen to play outside much, unless the pool is involved. Hopefully I can get him outside on his trike today, though! We've also been working on tracing letters. Stephen still doesn't care for coloring (although he is more willing to scribble lately), but he adores the alphabet, so my hope is that working on writing will encourage more interest in crayons and markers.