Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still getting older...

This is what a 3 year old with a 103 degree fever, ear infection, and possible RSV looks like...

He looks so big, though, doesn't he? Just lately, Stephen has started to climb backwards down the entire flight of stairs (FINALLY), recognize and identify colors (!!!), and (drum roll please) .............. USE THE POTTY AT SCHOOL!!!!!!

Yes, on Thursday at preschool, Stephen used the potty once, and again did it at Children's Day Out on Friday. And at CDO, he was stymied by the fact that the regular toilet was clogged, and all of the kids were using a potty seat, which Stephen has not used since last summer. I think we are on a roll with this, now! And on Thursday morning, he also did the sign for potty when he had to go!

The other really cool thing that Stephen has begun to do over the past week or so is recognize when he is tired, and instead of fighting us, he just goes to bed! Tonight, when he finished his book with Daddy, he got up from the chair they were sharing, turned off the light, and then climbed in to bed. Usually, we have a little bit of silliness on the boy's part before he decides to give it up and go to sleep, but lately, he's been much better about realizing that going to sleep will help him to not feel so tired. He's just growing so much!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goings on...

As I'm sure all of you remember (because it was ONLY a week ago...), last week, we celebrated Valentine's Day! Stephen had a party at each of his schools, and for his party at "church school," I sent a fruit platter. We can only send pre-packaged, commercially produced foods for his preschool, but I was glad to be able to send something healthy the next day.

I sent him with this:

And he came home with this:

Ever since travelling for the holidays, and starting preschool, Stephen had been having a really hard time with the potty. He almost had it mastered before we left for Indiana, but all of the excitement of travel, and then the uncertainty of new places caused a LOT of accidents. So we made a deal with him - if he could show major improvement at home for a period of 2 weeks, we would go to the Build-A-Bear workshop and he could get something. We used a sticker chart, which actually helped so much that we are starting to use one at both of his schools, where he steadfastly refuses to use the potty, except when I personally take him in there. So, since he DID show major improvements at home, we went on Saturday to build this:

It is a puppy with a Texas football uniform, and he is much-loved already.
Right around the holidays, we purchased a new popcorn maker for the house. We also discovered that not only does Stephen love to EAT popcorn, but he also enjoys watching popcorn pop!
Stephen has also discovered that he likes to sit in the big person chair. He likes to climb up...
... and down. Over and over and over and over.....
He also laughs hysterically when he is "caught" in the chair, thinking he is up to some sort of mischief!

I'll leave you all with a last picture of some general silliness. I don't know what he was doing.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Because sometimes even I don't have the words for what I want to say.