Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!

We've been pretty busy around here the past several weeks, so I'll just share some pictures. Stephen's grandparents were here visiting from AZ, so hopefully THEY will send me some pictures that they took while they were here so I can share.

Stephen went to his friend's birthday party, and got to ride on a donkey cart. He was not thrilled - I snapped this shot RIGHT before he tried to get down.

He also played with his Granddaddy, this time with Bristle Blocks.

This is what I was doing while Stephen and his Granddad were playing - tiling the backsplash with my mom! Dad had a sore shoulder, so he was out of commission for some of this project.

It turned out pretty well, though!

Despite his sore shoulder, my Dad DID manage to get this new range hood put up for us! Doesn't it look nice - and the best part is that it FITS!

We went to the Easter Egg hunt at Erik's school on Friday, and despite what this picture might suggest, Stephen was THRILLED to see the Easter Bunny!! If you have read here for any length of time, then you KNOW that Stephen is a huge fan of "characters."

I managed to scope out a more secluded area at the egg hunt so that Stephen could collect some eggs without being knocked over, and he got about half a dozen before more kids saw that there were eggs hidden where we were. He was happy with what he found though, and it was good practice for the egg hunt in his pre-k class later that day.

Stephen TRIED to show me what was in his bag, but we just couldn't line up a good shot.

So, that's what we've been up to - just life as usual! Stephen continues to make a lot of progress on the swimming front. As soon as he is comfortable floating on his back, he can move up to the next level, so hopefully we'll get there next month. The changes we've seen due to his diet continue to impress us. He is using more words to communicate, as well as using his "talker" program on the iPad with more and more frequency and ease, and had a good progress report from school this month. We are very proud of our boy!!