Saturday, February 15, 2014

"I love..."

Stephen's Kindergarten class got up at their school assembly, telling everyone what they love, in honor of Valentine's Day.  Stephen helped me to create 9 different options for what he would say, and we had no idea what he might choose. 

Turn up your volume - it's hard to hear.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Time marches on...

... And I run out of time for blogging.

Our holiday break was chock full of fun adventures, but I know people are here mainly to her about Stephen, so we'll start there. 

About a week before school got out, Stephen's special education teacher told me that the Kindergarten class would be performing a few Christmas songs at their class party.  Besides the fact that we would have practiced at home if we'd known sooner, we had some anxiety about how Stephen could participate without being able to sing... I came up with the idea that Stephen could emcee, but his teacher forgot at first, and it wasn't his smoothest performance.

The following Monday, Stephen had a low-key birthday party with some friends, who came over to watch some movies.  A fun, and stress-free time was had by all!
Christmas was a lot of fun too!  Stephen was finally interested this year in unwrapping his gifts, and was enjoying the anticipation of his surprises!! 

After Christmas, we took Stephen to a nearby Children's museum.  We had a TON of fun!!!

One of Stephen's favorite exhibits was an outdoor maze.  He insisted on going through twice, and probably would have gone again if we weren't going to go on a train.  He discovered that he could look under the walls to figure out where to go - clever boy!!

We are all back at school for the spring semester, and it is going well for everyone.  We are looking in to increasing Stephen's time in his Kindergarten classroom since our last increase has been going so well.  Hopefully that will work out!!