Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cookies and "Camping"

For Stephen's last week of school this semester, we decided to make some cookies using Grandma Deb's "special" cookie recipe, and Stephen shook the sprinkles onto them. With his Grandaddy's help, he sprinkled the cookies, and half of the kitchen floor. His teachers LOVED the cookies.

We also took Stephen's Plasma Car over to OCU for a spin last week He really loves that toy!!
And Stephen has spent some time "camping" in his gift from his grandparents. He loves to sit in his tent and look at books, but he especially loves to read his birthday cards in there. Silly boy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


On Tuesday, we celebrated Stephen's FOURTH birthday! On Wednesday, he started running a fever from what we THOUGHT was a mild reaction to the 3 shots he'd had the day before. On Thursday, he woke up from a very short nap with a fever again, and a stuffy nose. On Friday, I had to reschedule the Tumble Bus for his party, which was being rescheduled for January, since Stephen was now sick with a full-blown cold. Disappointing, to be sure, but Stephen was a VERY happy four year old earlier in the week!

He is already on the mend (and today is taking his first REAL nap in almost a WEEK!), so he should be feeling better to try to visit with a jolly, rotund man in a red suit later this week.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fist Bump!

Stephen has decided that the "fist bump" is far cooler than giving high fives. All you have to do is ask him to give a fist bump, and he'll do it! Sometimes he'll just keep doing it and doing it, though... obviously, he likes this "big boy" greeting quite a bit!

It only took a few times demonstrating this for him to get it. Erik and I have both noticed that it doesn't take Stephen QUITE as long to figure out how to imitate motor skills as it used to. Hopefully this means that he is getting better at his motor planning!