Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stephen's Art

I thought it was time for another edition of Art by Stephen! When he finished school last month, we came home with a LOT of stuff that he had either made himself, or had help making. As you will see, he is still not so fond of coloring, but he does enjoy other artistic activities! Some are from preschool, and some are from church school, but I'm not sure on all of them where they came from now...

This is his snack mat from preschool. He probably made this one of his first days there, and ate snack on it every day, which is why it's a little beat up looking.
And a seahorse that looks like he painted with watercolors. It looks like this came from preschool as well.

This is a lovely, multi-media piece. We have crayon, marker, and Dot-A-Dot paint pens (You may notice a trend with those - Stephen LOVES those pens. I think I'm going to get some for him soon.).

We have a finger-paint creation, that I think came from Church school. Stephen is actually pretty good about TRYING to stay in the lines. He gets the general idea, anyways.

We have another Dot-A-Dot creation here...

I'm not sure how they made this one, but it looks like a coffee filter.
More Dots...
And a LION!!
But this one, THIS ONE, is my very favorite. It was from church school, and was a collaborative effort with his new best buddy, Aiden. They play together a lot at school, and are pretty close together in age.

We are headed out to AZ soon, so look for some pictures from our vacation soon! Stephen is REALLY looking forward to spending some quality time in the pool at his grandparents' house.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our little musician

I took Stephen to visit Erik at School last week, and he spent some time playing the piano in his office. Erik caught it with the webcam on his laptop. I stepped in once, because Stephen looked like he was going to take a header into the keyboard.

I think he has a real talent for music (although we already suspected).

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've been a bad blogger, and I apologize. We've had a very busy month!!

Since I've been remiss in my updates, I'll start waaaaaaay back at Mother's Day. On his last day of school before Mother's Day, Stephen brought this pot home for me. I watered it, and left it in the sun, and grass began to grow!

On Mother's Day, we spent some time at Grand Lake, in NE Oklahoma, with my parents. The best part of the day was spending a few hours out on a boat, which Stephen just LOVED!!!

Stephen also discovered video games while we were there. He LOVED pretending to drive the cars!! We didn't actually put any money in, since he couldn't reach the pedals, but he liked to steer.

Erik and Stephen and I returned home from the lake that Tuesday, and the following Sunday, we got a HUGE surprise! Around 4pm that afternoon, the rain started. And then came the hail... This was a big pile up by our garage door. We ended up getting about 30 minutes of golf ball sized hail.

These were the divets left in our lawn. It was BIG hail.

Thanks to our homeowner's insurance, we will be getting a new roof this summer, as well as having our siding repaired/repainted and a broken window fixed. Our A/C compressor was damaged as well, but luckily that appears to just be cosmetic, because we NEED our A/C - it's HOT!!

After getting all of the insurance stuff taken care of, Mom, Dad, and I began work on some much-needed kitchen updating. One of our cabinet doors fell off last fall, when the hinge broke in half. So, we decided to replace ALL of the cabinet hardware. As you might imagine, replacing 45 year old hardware had it's issues, but in the end, thanks to some wonderful labor, we have new hardware, and even replaced the lazy susan in our pantry with some slide-out shelving!!


On May 25th, Stephen had his heart catheter procedure. They ran the line up through his groin (as you can kind of see in this picture), and inserted a 10mm mesh plug into an 8mm hole. The surgeon said that Stephen did perfectly, and when it was checked again in the morning, it was just perfect. Aside from a little soreness and bruising on his right leg, Stephen has recovered completely from this experience.

School is now over for Stephen for the year, and Erik only teaches summer school 4 days a week, so Stephen has been enjoying some quality Daddy-Wrestling time.

So, as you can see, we've been awfully busy, so it's been hard to find time for blogging. I'd much rather find time for this: