Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just an update

This week has been a bit different for us. I had to have minor outpatient surgery to remove an icky lipoma (fat cyst) from my left shoulder blade area, so Stephen and his Daddy have been having some quality male bonding time.

This picture was taken right after Stephen was demonstrating how his Daddy showed him to play the piano with each finger.
This is something else they've been working on. So far, it's not going well - he just wants to sit. But we'll keep at it, and I'm sure he'll decide to stand up soon enough. Oh, and coloring - the COLORING!!!!! This picture doesn't show it, but today, he held the marker BY HIMSELF, and colored - BY HIMSELF!!! This is huge - HUGE! Hopefully it was all of our work with tracing this summer that helped him, but whatever the reason, we are quite pleased.

Stephen starts school on Thursday. There was a little mix-up as to what class he was supposed to be in, but after several hours of phone calls yesterday, I finally heard from the school principal and we got it straightened out. The last hurdle is to get a revised transportation request in to the bus department so he can take the bus to school (I'll still pick him up).

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Cindy said...

Isn't it amazing how our kids grow during the summer? Way to go on the drawing, Stephen!