Monday, September 12, 2011

Silly Stephen

School has been trucking along for our big boy. He is making HUGE gains almost every day! We did some work on sight words this weekend, and even though he didn't really want to work on it, he humored me, and correctly identified the word "car." If I could get him to work on it for longer than a couple of minutes, I'm sure he would be able to identify many more words - Erik and have long suspected that Stephen can read a good number of words.

We went to a building event at one of the large home improvement stores this weekend, and Stephen was SO excited to make his police car, and then walked all over the store in his apron, just as proud as could be!

We started back with swim lessons last week, and Stephen was awesome! He even floated on his back (with support) longer than any of the other kids in his class! This weekend, we went to the pool to practice, and I got him to float completely on his own for a few seconds.

Last week, Stephen's teacher had mentioned that he had been very sleepy in class. We attributed this primarily to Stephen waking too early most mornings, but we've made some adjustments, and he is sleeping a bit longer, and he eats a good energy snack before he gets on the bus. He makes it through school with a good amount of energy, but he's pretty tired when he gets home...

This picture was from this afternoon - he didn't even want to sit up to have a snack after school!

And then after that, the silly boy went upstairs to play with his flashlight in bed. And no, he didn't fall asleep in there.

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Cindy said...

Great reading Stephen! Natalie loves Word Whammer...she can spell a lot of 3-letter words because of it.

Love the dino flashlight!