Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinosaurs at the Zoo!

On Friday, the three of us headed to the zoo. We thought we would celebrate the last official day of spring break, and there is a dinosaur exhibit open until the end of June. Stephen was enamored with the commercials for the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show that was here in OKC a few months ago, so we thought he would enjoy it. AND, we were right! So, pictures!

Of course, we had to go and see all of our regular favorites. The Orangutan was having a ball flying all around his enclosure, but there were too many people in front of the glass for Stephen to really enjoy it. He always likes the Gorillas, though! This picture was right before Stephen let go of Daddy to walk to me!

And here are the dinosaurs! Stephen was a little scared and nervous at first, but he got over it pretty quickly.

As part of the exhibit, the kids could push buttons to move parts of different dinosaurs. And if you know Stephen, you know that he just LOVES buttons!

And lastly, we went to see the otters. All of the kids stand up on this little wall (usually with their parents right there behind them), and Stephen was waiving at the otters. It was pretty fun!

****Coming tomorrow: Adventures in a Toddler Bed! I have to finish putting latches on his dresser drawers, and install an eye-hook latch on the closet, and then we are good to go! At 29 lbs, Stephen is simply just too heavy for us to lift out of the crib on a regular basis anymore without risk of serious back injury!


Brieshon said...

Looks like a blast! My kids LOVE dinos - I wish our zoo had a dino exhibit!!

I can't believe how big Stephen is getting! And I know he's been walking for awhile now, but I just love seeing him walk around. YAY!!

MommyP said...

Me too!:-) It's awesome to watch him.