Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And wouldn't you know it?

Just when we are finishing up the antibiotics from the ear infection, Stephen caught a cold. Actually, Erik caught it first, then Stephen, and now they have shared with me. Yesterday, Stephen and I lounged around in our jammies (ok, they weren't the jammies we slept in, but clean ones).

This is while Stephen was happy, watching Elmo, drinking his SECOND cup of juice at 9:30 in the morning. I figured that since he was sick, a little extra juice was ok...

Never too sick to tackle Daddy, though! That tissue by his leg? He'd just wiped his nose and threw it. Ick.

He seemed like he was feeling worse as the day went on, but that was certainly to be expected after waking up with a fever over 102 (I turned the thermometer off then, because Stephen hates it). It did go down with Motrin, but we basically spent the day watching Sesame Street, The Backyardigans, and playing computer games. Before bed, we loaded Stephen up with his Motrin, Vicks Baby Rub, the humidifier, an extra blanket, and his vapor plug-in nightlight, and he slept for 13 hours straight. It was FANTASTIC!

He still felt pretty poorly today, but we managed to do some good playing. Earlier today Stephen had a pretty big accomplishment of going up the stairs without using his knees at all, and then he walked up holding my hands using alternating feet on each stair (you know, like adults walk up the stairs). Usually, he can only do that a few stairs at a time, but he seems to have mastered that now. THEN this evening, while playing with Erik, Stephen popped himself up to standing WITHOUT PULLING UP!!! FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!! He didn't do it quite from the floor - Erik was laying on the floor, and Stephen did it from Erik's legs, but he still did it! We are so pleased! We've been waiting for that one!

Ok, this picture was from Monday, before the sickies! but it was just so cute!


Adam and Erin said...

Forget soccer, sounds like Stephen is ready for some football! Hope he (and you) are feeling better.

MommyP said...

Totally! He's mastered the art of the "stiff arm," too. Too bad he'll be a little on the small side for football. He'd be the "Rudy" on the team!