Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl, baby!

No photos, because we were just having too much fun, but Stephen really enjoyed what he watched of the super bowl! But what he loved the most, though, was the Audi commercial shown during the first time out. You know, the one where a guy was riding a motorcycle and crashed, flying head over feet quite a ways into the air? Yeah. He loved that one.

Ok, he also enjoyed the picnic dinner that we let him have so he could WATCH the game. I brought his picnic table into the family room, and we set him up there with his PBJ, orange slices, yogurt, and milk. He had better table manners at his little table than at the dining room table - he was quite the little gentleman! Hmmmmm... maybe there's something to think about there?

And he had an awesome day with his walking. Lots of stopping and starting mid-trip, and going for pretty long distances as well. It must have worn him out pretty well, because he fell asleep fairly quickly tonight, unlike the previous few weeks when it would take him upwards of 90 minutes to finally give it up at night. Woo Hoo!

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