Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bossy little bugger!

I'm not sure exactly what Stephen has been doing in the crib when I put him down for his daily nap, but 3 out of the past 4 days, I have heard a scream, and then the dreaded, "MommyDaddyOwwwwwieeeeeee" cry. I suspect he is trying to stand without pulling up, and falling, but I'm not really sure. He has a history of trying things out in his crib when no one is watching (rolling and pulling to stand), so it is a definite possibility. However, I digress. Today when this occurred, I made my trek up the stairs for some mommy-comfort, and when I picked him up, he stopped crying for just a few seconds, touched my face, and called me "Mom." Not Mommy or Mama, but Mom. My big boy... I cuddled him for a bit, and while doing so, he looked at me, and quietly said, "YOU shsss!" Stephen still gets a small amount of comfort from shushing (you moms know that sound...), and I guess that is what he wanted me to do to help him get over his issue! So, I did, and he quickly calmed down, and then went to sleep.

This evening, Stephen created a new chair for himself:

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