Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holding down the fort while Daddy is away.

Erik left for Houston on Thursday for a conference, so Stephen and I had to keep ourselves entertained on our own for a few days. Not a big deal - we've done it before, but I totally have respect for all of the single parents in the world! I definitely have a new appreciation for "Me" time!

Anyways, Erik left Thursday afternoon, but that morning, Stephen decided it was time to start working on his singing skills. So far, however, he is somewhat lacking in the "skill" department. He makes up for it in exuberance, though! One of Stephen's favorite songs is "Mary had a Little Lamb." He also likes the Sesame Street version: "MURRAY had a Little Lamb," but the original is definitely his favorite. After a few minutes of hearing, "Mayweeee... Lam.... Lam! LAM!!! Maaaaaayweeeeee..." I realized that he was singing his song along with the version on his toy piano. Of course, there was no tune to it, and those were the only words he sang, but he sure was excited to do it! We later took Erik to the airport, Stephen took his nap, and then he sang more and more.

On Friday, our friends Amy and Alexander came over to play. Amy is the piano professor at Erik's school, and Alexander is her 1 year old. We had a great time! Stephen tried multiple times to engage Alexander in different activities with him: cars, ball, piano, but Alexander, being one, doesn't quite understand the idea of playing WITH someone. Frankly, I was kind of surprised that Stephen did, as it has been my understanding that at his age, kids still like to play by themselves together (side by side play), but I guess I shouldn't be that shocked. Stephen has always been good about playing WITH me and Erik, especially activities that require taking turns. The other little boy in this picture is obviously Alexander. Stephen was a little rough, but was definitely intrigued with the other small person who was playing with his toys. He never tried to take anything from him, but he really wanted to love on him, and didn't understand that Alexander is much smaller than he is. We will be working on that, though, since Stephen will have a new cousin soon, and we can't have him being rough with his cousin, whenever we get to see him!

Today, we headed over to the bookstore. We had planned on going for storytime this morning, but Stephen opted to sleep in instead (THANK YOU, son!). Since I had already told him we would go look at books, though, I had to make good. Stephen picked out a new book for himself, and I got a new cookbook. Nothing too exciting on tap for today, but we pick up Erik tonight, so that makes us all happy!

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