Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Another picture post!! It continued to be busy around here, so I'll just share more photos!

Stephen and I made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for his teachers at school.
These are the ornaments that he made at school this month...

We went out to Breakfast one morning this week, and Stephen was being quite the goof.
In the interest of sanity, we had decided to spread out the present-opening over several days this year. Stephen got this from his Daddy.
And our Christmas Eve was spent inside the house... This is the largest one-day snowfall on record in Oklahoma City - 14.1"!!!
Stephen got rather bored with being inside all day (it was super windy, as well, which is why it was classified as a blizzard).
This was the view out our dining room window after Stephen went to bed.

But we enjoyed opening presents...

(yes, these were taken on different days, but you get the idea)
Sorry these are out of order, but before the weather got bad, we also spent some time outside playing on the slide, and just having a fun time!

So, good times were had by all. Mom and Dad DID make it to the airport today, although I haven't heard if their flight was going to really go or not. Merry Christmas!!!

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Aunt Beth said...

The aquarium lamp looks cute. I hope he loves it G-Grandma Heine was so delighted with her gift to him!

I LOVE the picture of Stephen sitting on the ground with his hands clapped. This is suitable for framing!

Hope you're having a blast in IN!