Monday, December 21, 2009

We've been busy!

My parents got here a bit before Stephen's birthday, so we have been very busy!

We spent some time opening birthday presents a few days before his birthday...
And then we went to a tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree!!!
On his birthday, Stephen went to OU Children's Outpatient Surgery to have a small, dermoid cyst removed from in front of his right ear. A dermoid cyst is just matter that hasn't been sloughed off naturally. This type of cyst can often grow when someone sweats a lot, which explains why it kept growing whenever he was sick and ran a fever. It was a very simple procedure, and our surgeon was awesome (I actually knew her and her family from when I was working, and trusted her implicitly!). Stephen didn't shed a tear afterwards, and even RAN out of the Outpatient surgery center, and pounded on the elevator doors until we left. He managed with only Ibuprofen for that day, and nothing since then. Now, you can hardly see the wound at all!
Grandma and Stephen had some fun with a big box!

Last Friday, Stephen's Children's Day Out program had a Christmas Program. Stephen's class did really well - they sang "I'm a little pinecone" and danced to "Rock Around the Christmas Tree." While Stephen did not sing or dance, he also did not pick his nose, scream, cry, push anyone off the stage, or in any way misbehave. He stood up there very nicely, and even smiled a bit (but we could tell he was a bit nervous about it all). Only about 4 kids out of 20 in his class ended up singing or dancing, but I thought they all did well, especially considering that none of them napped!!!

The photo below is Stephen again at his program. They gave him a little bow-tie to dress up - some of the kids had bows, and some wore Christmas Trees around their necks. He also brought home 3 ornaments that he made at school, which are now hanging proudly on our tree!


Aunt Beth said...

I still have the special ornaments made by our boys in preschool and school. They truly are treasures to us. How wonderful that Stephen has already made some!

Also, I LOVE your "My Art Show" wall! Great!

MommyP said...

That was from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Big Rick!