Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sleep is elusive these days...

So, once again, we are having some sleep issues here at the Heine house! Stephen is going to bed pretty well now, so that's not the issue. We have taken to sitting with him in the dark a few times to help him settle down before bedtime, and that generally seems to work, and he isn't taking 60-90 minutes to fall asleep any more. We kind of have to FORCE him to just settle down, otherwise he would just keep running around in his room, looking out his blinds, trying to open the closet, dresser drawers, bedroom door, rocking himself in his glider... you can see the issue.

The problem lately has been occurring around 4 am. Yep. There is one of those in the morning, too. Stephen has been waking up to potty at this time for about a week now, and getting him to go back to sleep has just been a nightmare. If I thought I could stand to just let him stay awake then, I would, but then he would want to nap at 9 am, and our whole day would just be ruined. But once he is awake, we have to go through the routine of getting him settled back down again, which most times can take up to 2 hours. Yes, TWO HOURS! So he is just falling back asleep when it is time for our alarm to go off. I attribute this to either the fact that we are having so much fun during the day that he wants to spend more time with us, or he is getting excited about the holidays. We HAVE been talking a lot about Santa and how he brings presents to good boys, and his grandparents are coming today... Regardless of the cause, it's just miserable for the parents. Hopefully this phase will pass soon, but if anyone has any advice, we are more than happy to give it a go!

Speaking of Christmas, we have a Little People Nativity that Stephen likes to play with. He is particularly fond of Baby Jesus, and enjoys that the Manger plays music. He understands that the "baby" goes in the "barn" (we figured Barn is an easier concept than Manger), but he finds it a bit humorous. Oh well. He at least kind of understands a bit of it!

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