Friday, October 2, 2009


Being a small person makes it hard to make friends. Add to that, walking late, and not talking much, and it makes it even harder for Mommy to set up play dates, so small people can MAKE friends. Nevertheless, Stephen has managed to make friends with some small people who belong to some of Mommy's friends (namely, Alexander and Jarrett). Today, however, Stephen made his OWN friend. The reasons for choosing this little boy are Stephen's own, and I'm sure someday he will tell us why his likes this little guy, but he and another boy spent all day playing together at school, and much of that time was spent laughing together. He may have a different buddy next week, but for now, he has a friend that HE has chosen, with whom he enjoys spending time. And that makes us ALL very happy.


Aunt Beth said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Usually, the friend choices are made for the purest of reasons: the new friend makes him/her happy. The play nice, share and are kind.

Gee, we should all be making choices based on those principles.

Way to go, Stephen!

Lysana said...

How neat! Yay for new friends! He is adorable! :)