Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I want..."

This is Stephen's new phrase, and he is using it quite a bit lately! First, it was "I want to do it!" (not that clearly, of course). Then it became "I want to poop" (and no, it wasn't a stall tactic - his tummy was bothering him). Today, it was "I want Gary!!" (his alligator bath toy). Can I tell you all how nice it is to have him communicating with us? FINALLY!!!!


Lysana said...

YAY for communication! :)

sarah said...

Hi! My name is Sarah and I also live in the Oklahoma City area. I found you via CafeMom.com because I'm trying to find some moms in the area - I have zero friends with babies :) Anyway, stop by my blog sometime if you get a chance - www.joyfullygray.com. I'd love to get to know you better.

Hope this message does not seem weird and stalker-like :)