Monday, October 26, 2009

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I can't even believe I forgot to post about this... Stephen graduated from Physical/Occupational Therapy last week!! His therapist was going on medical leave for 4-6 weeks, and he is no longer behind enough to warrant them assigning us anyone else for that period of time before his birthday. He is at or above age level in most areas of gross and fine motor skills!!! It's not always obvious to us, though, because Stephen has some very definite ideas of what he will and won't do, no matter his ability. Oh well! He has a couple of things to work on still, but we are all very confident he will have them in a short period of time.

On the potty front, we are also seeing some improvement. He still won't tell us with words when he has to go, but he gets pretty whiney when he needs to, because he doesn't want to have an accident. That works pretty well for us at home, but not so much at school. I think he will just have to continue to wear the training pants at school until we can get him to verbalize his potty needs better - we just can't expect 2 teachers with 10 kids to know all of his non-verbal potty cues!!

In about a month, Stephen will be evaluated by some people in our school district to determine how much speech help he will need after he turns 3. Several months ago, this stressed me out to no end - I didn't want him to have to have a an Individual Education Plan and be in the "system" at all. BUT... the fact remains that he doesn't talk enough, and when he does, it's hard to understand him. He understands everything we say to him (and frequently things we say to others... he's a smarty pants little stinker sometimes!), so we certainly don't worry about that. He just needs help articulating his needs and wants, and we are grateful that we have this resource available to us, without having to pay for it or go through our insurance! Our school district actually has a preschool class specifically for kids with language delays, which is pretty exciting. This means that there will be less likelihood of him being place in a class with kids with other issues, and end up having behavioral problems as a result.

"School" is going well also! Stephen just loves it so much there, and it's obvious that they love him as well. He pushed me out the door last week after I got my kiss goodbye, and barely even noticed when I came to pick him up! We can totally tell a difference in him since he started - he is just blossoming! It's just so nice.

Ok, for the next post, I promise some pictures. I just don't feel like waiting for Blogger to upload right now!!

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Cate said...

That's awesome! Congratulations on his graduation!