Saturday, September 19, 2009

Feeling better!

Stephen finished his course of antibiotics tonight, and seems to be mostly recovered. Now, of course, his teeth are bugging him a bit, and he hasn't been sleeping well, but we'll muddle through. It's always something!

He was able to return to school this week, and showed his excitement by trying to run across the parking lot before I got the door shut. Think he likes it? It was "Pajama Day," and for snack time, they all got to sit around on blankets eating, and watching.... The Backyardigans! To say Stephen enjoyed that is an understatement. I don't have a photo of him wearing his jammies to school, because he woke up to late for me to get one in the morning, and he was filthy when we got home. So here is a photo of his NEW jammies (size 3T, thank you very much). They are Dinosaurs, of course (that's a dino on his left side, and under his right arm, it says, "Coming through!").

Today (Saturday), is obviously a college football day. ESPN GameDay was in Austin today, so we were watching a bit of it, and of course, Stephen was wearing his beloved Texas shirt.

After he finished lunch today, he kept saying something that sounded like "boo-baaaa!" After he said it a few times, I asked him if he wanted to watch football, and when he nodded yes, I flipped around until I found a game he was happy with (truly, not just any game would do - I think we ended up with Cal v. Minnesota).
As far as speech goes, Stephen has been making tons of progress. He is babbling and being more vocal outside of the home (this is a BIG deal!), and using a TON more words and phrases with us. Today, he told the cat to "move it!" when he and Erik were coming down from the garage. No prompting, but he's certainly heard US say it enough!!!
All in all, a good week for Stephen (and us). Hopefully next week will be EVEN better!!!

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