Friday, September 4, 2009


So apparently Stephen loves doing Arts and Crafts at School. According to Miss Jessica (his preferred teacher of the 2), he LOVED sponge painting. That's how he painted this tree:

I guess they also used some paint brushes...

And markers. Stephen doesn't like to use markers or crayons. We are working on it at home - it's not a big deal, since he likes to do other things, but I'd hate for it to delay him in pre-writing skills.

This is the piece he did on his first day. The teachers put the glue down, and the kids put the paper pieces on it.

They did these today too. He glued the paper pieces on there, and then glued the pom-poms on top.
Stephen is just loving school! We are so glad that we decided to do this for him. We were very anxious at first, as I'm sure many of you can understand, but according to his teachers, he is just like the other kids (well, except for that pesky talking thing, but he'll get there!). Well, not JUST like them... because he's STEPHEN!

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