Thursday, September 10, 2009

School = germs

Yep, Stephen is sick. He will not be going to school tomorrow, unfortunately. He wasn't feeling like himself for most of last week, but never really had any symptoms, and he was able to go to school on Friday again (and STILL LOVED it!!), but by Saturday evening, the congestion started, and by Monday, the coughing was going strong, so I took him in to see his doctor on Tuesday. She said that it was probably just a cold, but since he had been feeling poorly for a while, it could be bordering on a sinus infection (especially with his dragon breath), and gave me a prescription for antibiotics to get filled today if he wasn't feeling better. He's not. During the night, he developed a fever, and today it has been running close to 103 even WITH Motrin and Tylenol. The nurse said that the fever is good, because his body is fighting the infection, but he is just so miserable and pathetic. The ONLY good thing is that he is sleeping more, but that's about it. Hopefully he won't get sick again this semester, because this one is a doozy!!

We were in the middle of working on cards for Grandparent's day this Sunday, so for the grandparents who read this, I'm sorry that your cards will be late. Stephen wasn't done working on them yet!

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HI said...

Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon. It's all the kiddie germs from the school. Since Stephen was not in daycare before, his immunue system would need some time to adjust.