Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where did April go?

For the last month or so, Stephen has had a renewed interest in playing with his Lego blocks independently.  Mostly, he just wanted us to build things for him to take apart - he worked on perfecting his destructive skills, and was able to take our creations apart VERY quickly.  Tonight, however, he wanted to BUILD!  And he tried and tried and tried... and then he got the blocks put together.  So he took them apart.  And then put them back together.  And he was SO PROUD of himself.  (This picture isn't from tonight - this was yesterday morning before a dentist appointment)  He just had to keep at it, and he solved his problem!
This is Stephen's new toy.  It's called a Dizzy Disc - kind of like a sit and spin, but designed for older, heavier kids, and it is much easier to spin.  Stephen was not able to enjoy his special birthday present over spring break due to his injury, so we decided that rather than making him wait until summer, we would do this for him instead.  This is something that will grow WITH him.  He has been spinning himself using his feet, and occasionally gets brave enough to lift his feet and just spin on the momentum.  And I have to tell the truth - I've had some fun on the "spinner" too.  Stephen thinks it's hysterical to see Mommy spinning, but he always makes me stop so he can have another turn.

 I just wanted to show this picture, because it was really cute - we were watching a cartoon where the characters were saying something was smelly, and I saw him doing this.  My silly boy.

In other news, Erik ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Half-Marathon this past weekend, and did it in an hour and 42 minutes - his personal best!  Our friends caught this picture of him around mile 5.
We had a consultation with the dentist yesterday to plan for Stephen's space maintainer procedure.  They will be putting him under general anesthesia to make the mold of his mouth, because Stephen has severe dentist anxiety, and while they are doing that, they will also do a deep clean, and put sealants on his 6 year molars.  Then we will go back after a few weeks and they will put in the space maintainer and attach the wires to his back molars with cement, which should last about a year and a half.  It should be a pretty straightforward procedure.  He is fully healed from his accident and we all continue to be thankful that he wasn't hurt any worse than he was.

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