Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day and the Dentist

We had a lovely, and quiet Mother's Day here.  My parents have been visiting, so they took him off to spend a few hours at the amusement park, while I gave myself a manicure and took a nap.  Stephen spent much of his morning, amusing us all with his play.  In this picture, he was watching phonics songs on his iPad, matching his alphabet magnets to the songs, and taking apart lego creations.  Prior to that, he had been playing soccer with his soccer bear, and soccer pillow.  He was having a lot of fun, and making a fabulous mess.

On Tuesday, Stephen had a pre-op (more on that in a minute) physical, and he is officially 44" tall, and weighs 47 lbs.  He's actually lost a few lbs since his 6 year check up in January, mostly due to his injury, but he's kept it off by being more active, which isn't a bad thing.  He impressed his pediatrician with how well he was using his talker AND his words to tell me that he was hungry, and also when he wanted the extremely slow internet to "hurry!"

The next morning, we were up ridiculously early, and checking in at outpatient surgery at 6am.  Stephen was scheduled to have a mold made of his mouth so that he can have a space maintainer custom-made to fill the spot where his permanent tooth was extracted after his fall, and since he has such horrible anxiety about the dentist, we opted to put him under a general anesthetic for the procedure.  While he was under, we also had a deep cleaning (the dentist said his teeth got a grade of "C" for cleanliness - I guess it's obvious I've been letting him have more responsibility with his tooth brushing...) and sealants on his molars and a few other teeth.  Stephen has these things called talon cusps on 4 of his permanent teeth, and they can make it harder to keep the teeth clean, so we are going to keep sealants on them to help him avoid cavities in the future. 

Everything went just fine, of course, and Stephen enjoyed his day off of school.  I made him stay downstairs to play, instead of letting him go up the stairs by himself to play in his toy area, and we enjoyed watching some fun movies and playing with legos.

This weekend, we continued to see some speech breakthroughs - Stephen was SINGING with some phonics and alphabet songs, and we actually were able to understand some of what he was saying!!!  It was very exciting. 

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