Friday, May 31, 2013

My heart

These guys...

These guys have my heart. 

And this guy... he's officially on Summer Break.  He is now a first grader!

We had a little bit of drama surrounding his class placement for next year, since there were not appropriate programs at the school he'd attended since turning 3, but we got it worked out, thanks to a little creative thinking.  Basically, Stephen is going to be participating in 2 separate special education classrooms, as well as a typical classroom.  Hopefully this will allow him to get all of his therapy needs met, while allowing him the opportunity to spend time with typical kiddos for peer modeling.

I should warn you... this next part is a little raw....  The last few days of school were very, very hard on us.  As many of you know, last Monday, May 20th, an EF5 tornado came through Moore, OK, leveling two elementary schools.  LEVELED.  This was about 15 miles from our home.  While this was happening, my own baby was at HIS school, in a tornado shelter.  And by tornado shelter, I mean bathroom.  Most schools in Oklahoma City do not have underground shelters, due to cost and the way the ground is.  Stephen was terrified, and spent much of that night and the next day seeking reassurance from his parents and teachers that everything was ok.  There were a lot of hugs and kisses given out.  I'd love to tell him that he shouldn't be scared, but this is just a fact of life.  Tornadoes ARE scary, and he should take them very seriously. 

I know that this blog doesn't reach a lot of people, BUT, if you want to help the people of Moore, you can donate to the United Way, Red Cross, or Salvation Army.  If you wish to help in a different way, get in touch with me, and I'll give you more resources.  In the meantime, I'm going to hug my baby tightly, and get ready for more severe weather today.

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