Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We have a six year old in our house.  Yep.  He's six.

He had a pretty good birthday.  We didn't have a party this year, opting instead to put that money towards something BIG that we are doing in March... we went out to dinner (sushi - his choice, of course), but by the time we got home, he barely had energy for cake, so we opened presents on Saturday.  So in honor of being six, Stephen came down with a cold.  

Stephen is recovering beautifully from his surgery a few weeks ago.  He is sleeping pretty well, although I think we'll see even more improvement in a couple more weeks.  Even better, he is much more aware, and engaged, and more interested in playing, instead of just being a couch potato, and he is attempting much more speech.  

He is also more interested in all of our Christmas preparations this year.  Stephen has especially enjoyed his advent calendar - he pulls the little ornament out each day, and picks where it should go on the tree, which explains the cluster of little ornaments at the bottom.  And then we count down each day until December 25th, giggling away!

We are SO PROUD of all of the progress that Stephen has made this year.  He's just come so far, and we are so happy.

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