Saturday, December 8, 2012

Picture post

I decided to post a few surgery pictures, and some others that are pretty fun.  Stephen no longer has any restrictions with regards to food textures, and he was VERY happy to use his "talker" to ask for graham crackers.  :-)

This first one was before surgery.  Stephen was very anxious about surgery, but enjoyed the free wi-fi!  Those socks didn't stay on for long at all, though...
This was a few hours after surgery.  The DVD player in our room wasn't connected to the TV (THAT was an interesting discovery!) so Stephen was watching Elmo's Christmas Countdown on my laptop.  I think we watched that 3 times while we were in the hospital.  He had his two favorite buddies there keeping him company, and his Granddaddy to later help him with some pudding.
This is our annual family portrait.  It seems to represent us pretty well - Erik and I look exhausted while Stephen laughs hysterically at something.
And the obligatory Birthday picture.  Our photographer got some REALLY great shots out of him this year - and he didn't even cry!

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