Friday, July 6, 2012

We went on vacation

We went to Tucson.  We flew in on Saturday, and were scheduled to fly back home a week later, however, due to rampant illness at the airline (illness or contract negotiations?), and several cancelled flights, we were able to stay a couple of extra days.  It worked out well, though, because poor Erik had a stomach bug for about 4 days while we were there, and this way he had a few more days of vacation to enjoy.

As per usual, Stephen and Granddaddy had matching shirts.

 And we swam.  A lot.  Maybe 3-4 times a DAY!

We also got to enjoy a little luau with our cousins!  We had never gotten to spend time with Tia's younger granddaughters before, so this was extra special.  Stephen got a kick out of all those crazy girls, and graced his older cousin with a "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!" while swimming, which was pretty special

It was a pretty relaxing trip, in spite of our travel problems at the end.  We really enjoyed our relaxing time in Tucson!!

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