Sunday, July 29, 2012


We were very excited to be able to share the Olympics with Stephen this year, and so far he has been interested in watching swimming and the bike road race (of course, it's only Sunday, so not much has been on yet!).  Stephen was very intent on the swimming...

He has also been very intent on adding new words to his vocabulary.  I can't remember all of them (I really SHOULD start writing them down when he says them), but we've heard "eye weem" (ice cream), "a-eee!"  (happy, while singing "If you're happy and you know it"), and "gwee" (green).  On their own, it would be pretty had to figure out what he was saying, but in the context, it was pretty simple.  He's trying SO hard!!  On the agenda for this week, though?  Sign language!  Stephen has been very interested when he catches parts of the show "Signing Time," so I checked out a bunch of DVDs from the library - we'll see how it goes!

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