Friday, July 27, 2012

Not much to say

I don't really have too much to share right now.  We're just enjoying our summer, going to swim lessons, and playing outside when it's not TOO hot.  Stephen is ready to go back to school, and heads back August 17th... to KINDERGARTEN!  I still can't believe it. 

Stephen has been trying to swim the "butterfly" stroke at swim lessons.  It's not what we're going for, but we continue to work on other strokes, and let him do this too.  He's really FAST!  We are all very excited to watch some olympic swimming events over the next couple of weeks.  Maybe it will encourage him to try something else new?

And check that out!  Stephen figured out that rock wall a lot more quickly than I thought he would.  He still slips sometimes, but that usually has to do with the fact that we only go out there in the mornings, and the lawn makes his shoes wet.  He actually likes climbing up the rock wall better than the ladder!

Our pressure-free summer seems to be working out pretty well for our boy.  He's using the iPad to communicate a lot better than he was 3 months ago, and is attempting much more speech than we've ever heard.  He has also been "singing" along with different songs that he hears.  It's pretty fun!

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