Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quick Update...

This has been a rough week, health wise, in our house! Last Saturday, Stephen woke up with lots of congestion, and his left eye was crusted shut. I took him in to the doctor that morning, and he was diagnosed with Pink Eye (of course), an ear infection, and possible Strep Throat, but the doc didn't want to swab him since he would have antibiotics anyways for his ear.

Then Erik and I both ended up with congestion and sore throats, but while Erik has been improving, I seem to have developed a sinus infection with a nasty cough, and will be visiting with the doctor on Monday. So, here are some pictures from our visit with my parents!

This is Stephen going in to Big Boy Preschool in the morning... A teacher aide comes out to meet all of the younger kids (preschool and pre-k) at their cars (or bus), and walks them to their classroom! Don't worry - his backpack is big, but there's very little in it. I think it's just a change of clothes and some pull-ups.
We went to the park one afternoon after Stephen napped, and he went on the BIG swing for the first time by himself. Previously, he'd sat on my lap on it.

My Mom kept trying and trying to get Stephen's picture in the other swing, but he was avoiding it at all cost. Finally, after she stopped trying, he gave in, although I think he was about to stick out his tongue in this one!!
And I just like this picture. We found this sweater on clearance for $5, and since it was chilly the day Stephen went back to school after Spring Break, it was a good chance to wear it! We didn't pose him for this picture, though. He just looks so grown-up...
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