Friday, March 19, 2010



(This was Stephen's very first official Spring break, and he was very excited - can't you tell?)

We spent our week with Grandma Janet and Grandaddy John visiting. One of our adventures took us to a restaurant called Pops. It was basically diner food, but the fun thing was that they had over 500 types of bottled sodas to buy/drink there!

It was pretty fun - not something we will do frequently, but we will most definitely take the other Grandparents the next time they come visit!

Because it was a bit chilly, we also spent a lot of time inside. Stephen did a lot of reading...

But when it WAS warm enough to be outside, look what we did! Yes, Stephen's little legs are finally long enough to reach the pedals, and he has figured out how to ride his tricycle - kind of. He hasn't quite realized how much fun it could be to go tearing down the street, so we are sticking with the driveway for now.

On Friday, it was warm enough to go to the zoo! We have a new Children's Zoo that opened up the week before Spring Break, so we thought we'd head over to check that out. It was pretty fun, and Stephen liked it, but it was very crowded. We didn't make it into the petting zoo, because there was a looooooooooong line, but he did get a kick out of the spider monkey exhibit.

While in the Oklahoma Trails portion of the zoo, we were able to watch the Grizzlies get their lunches. They were very active, and running around, and while watching them, Stephen was also pretending to be a bear! Given that "bear" is his nickname around the house, it's not really a surprise.

On Saturday, we had several inches of snow and lots of wind, so it Friday was a really good day to get out. It was a fun Spring Break, even though the end of it felt more like winter.

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