Thursday, April 8, 2010

The SLIDE!!!

For the longest time, Stephen has been afraid of the slide. When he was much younger, he would go down the slide on an adult's lap, but even that became a daunting activity for him once he started walking. We suspect that he was nervous when he was walking on play structures at the park, and that's when he decided that he didn't like the slide anymore. BUT, earlier this week, his preschool teacher told me that he happily went down the slide during recess THREE TIMES! Ever since then, Stephen has been wanting to play on HIS slide at home. Today I managed to snap some photos.

He started out just kind of grabbing on to Erik's fingers to get started, and then we would catch him by his hands at the bottom.

Then we would let him go a bit more on his own!

He was all grins after I took this picture!
So I guess there will be even more trips to the park in our future since the weather is nice now - it was never very much fun to go before when Stephen would just fuss at us whenever we tried to get him to do something other than play on the swings. YAY!

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Lysana said...

Yay! The slide and trips to the park are so much fun! I'm glad you and Stephen are getting to enjoy them more now! :)