Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo post again

This is mostly another picture post, but I figured that was ok with everyone.

Stephen discovered a few days ago how easy it is to climb onto the ottoman. He is just in LOVE with Dora the Explorer - he even picked out his own electric toothbrush that has her on it. He sometimes says, "Oh-ah, o-en!" (Dora, open!) when it's time to brush teeth. One minute, he was standing in the family room watching her show, and the next minute, we saw this!
The two boys have matching summer haircuts!
We went to the Zoo on Sunday with Valerie and Jarrett. No, your eyes do not deceive you - Jarrett is MUCH taller than Stephen. Here, they are investigating the Zoo Key kiosk.
And here they are posing with a statue of a giraffe. This one was a pretty good one, I think!
The potty training continues to go well. We have moved on to working on using the potty when we aren't at home. I got a travel potty seat that folds up to go in my purse, since we discovered at the zoo that Stephen is afraid of the big potty, so I hope that we will get over this issue soon. It has been very nice, though, not having to change diapers! He still wears the one at night, but that's all. He still isn't telling us with words when he NEEDS to go, but he will tell us yes or no when we ask him if he needs to go. It's nice doing this now, instead of waiting until it's a pressure situation, like when he starts preschool.

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