Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Great Outdoors

This is mainly a photo post... I'll apologize in advance for the fact that they are sideways - I thought I had fixed it, and it turns out that I didn't, and it takes too long to upload pictures to go back and fix them all! Sorry!
Here is our garden. This is a Beefsteak Tomato plant:
Two varieties of Basil:

Green Beans!

A tomato hybrid (they will be cherry tomato sized, and yellow!):


More carrots (and some weeds):
Habanero Pepper (Erik's choice, of course):

Green onions (NOT weeds):

The other Hydrangea

And now, some pictures of Stephen and Erik at the zoo last week:

And for fun... Stephen decided to throw almost ALL of his bath toys into the tub the other day. He actually does this pretty frequently, and just loves it!

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