Monday, January 5, 2009

Ready for the Fiesta Bowl, and more on RSV

Before anyone worries reading about RSV, in a child Stephen's age, it is not nearly as dangerous as in a newborn or infant. Basically, he just has a really terrible cold as far as symptoms go. Now, if he starts to have trouble breathing, or begins to have a nasty cough or starts wheezing, we will get him breathing treatments. It is very rare for a child his age to end up hospitalized or needing additional treatments for RSV, so we are just treating Stephen like he has a nasty cold, with mentholated baby rub, ibuprofen for his fever and aches, the humidifier, and lots of cuddles.

Now, for fun pictures!!


Super Aunt Beth said...

So who were you guys cheering for in the Fiesta Bowl? ;)

MommyP said...

Ohio State, of course!!!

Brieshon said...

He's so cute in his Texas shirt!! He always looks so happy.

Glad to hear his RSV isn't dangerous at Stephen's age. We had to get the twins RSV shots every month after they came home because it's ultra-scary in preemies! That was awful. Hope Stephen feels better soon!