Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures from the Zoo

Stephen and I went to the zoo on Thursday, since we were expecting high temperatures in the middle 70s (and we got them too!). It was really quite lovely out, and we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch at the zoo, hanging out by the kangaroo exhibit. No pictures of that, but I have these 2 to share of Stephen with his favorite zoo buddy, a younger female gorilla.

For whatever reason, these gorillas have always been interested in Stephen, and he in them. The first time they decided he was interesting was when he wore a bright red Elmo shirt to the zoo, and they seemed to have maintained a high interest in him. I've not really seen whether or not they approach all of the kids, so it may be that they like all of the little people, but we like to think it is because Stephen is super-cool! The second picture is when he was applauding the gorillas (you can see the mother gorilla behind the one that was hanging out at the window).

This second picture was just for fun. Stephen was loving his Daddy Kisses!

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