Sunday, January 18, 2009

Better late than never - visit with Grandma Deb, and Grandpa Big Rick

Stephen's Grandma Deb and Grandpa Big Rick visited over the holiday season as well, and their visit overlapped a bit with Grandma Janet and Grandaddy, so there were a few walks with Stephen's "entourage."

Stephen was so excited having all of his grandparents visiting, that he decided not to take a nap, and instead crashed out on Grandma Deb after dinner one evening, poor kid!

Luckily, in addition to being a good person to sleep on, Grandma Deb also makes the best Christmas cookies in the world.

While playing outside, Stephen enjoyed getting tossed in the air by Grandpa Big Rick...

and by Daddy, too!

We had a really nice, but too short visit with the Grandparents from Philly, and hope that we will get to see them again soon!

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