Thursday, December 8, 2011

We went to the dentist

Stephen had a perfect check-up, of course! He is not a big fan of going to the dentist, but he was much more cooperative this time than he has been in the past. He let the assistant brush his teeth for him, and even let her do the fluoride gel! Stephen put forth a commendable effort when it came to spitting, but still didn't manage it. He tried, though!

The dentist was impressed with his 4 permanent teeth, and could see where the other 2 are thinking about poking through soon. She also said that there were no signs of his 6-year molars yet, which pretty much means they'll start coming through before his next check-up - at our last visit, she said there were no signs of the first 2 permanent teeth, and they popped through 2-3 weeks later.

Not too much else to report here - Stephen had his annual progress/goal assessment meeting on Tuesday. It went better than the last one - Stephen actually has been making tangible progress towards most of his goals this year, and we discussed how we can challenge him better for the next year as well. Stephen's physical therapist is recommending that he participate in "regular" P.E. classes next school year, with either modified activities, or a student helper, depending on his progress before Kindergarten. The team agrees that it would be good if that helper was a little girl. Stephen apparently has a little fan club of 3 or 4 girls in his class who always want to play with him, and cheer him on when he has PT during recess. What a bunch of sweethearts!! But really, look at that picture - who WOULDN'T cheer for him?!?


Aunt Beth said...

I'm always cheering for him! It's just from a distance. :)

Cindy said...

He is so very handsome! And four permanent! Natalie has yet to lose her first tooth.