Monday, December 5, 2011

Catching up

This is just going to be a quick catch-up post with some pictures - we've been very busy entertaining visitors, enjoying a turkey feast, and being sick (nothing serious - just colds).

A few weeks ago, we noticed that Stephen all of a sudden seemed to have gotten a much better grasp of spatial reasoning when it comes to his body. Where he would previously get someone else to retrieve a toy from under the coffee table (or his picnic table, or the bed...), he was now crawling under there himself to get it! Except for a few necessary reminders not to stand up under the dining room table, this has worked out well for all of us!

We also had a short visit from Pa Rick and Kim. I have very few pictures of Pa, as he was most frequently behind his OWN camera, earning the nickname of PAparrazzi! Stephen did get to enjoy a quick trip down the driveway in Pa's black car...

And he spent some quality time showing Kim how to use the iPad.

Pa snapped this picture of Stephen and his daddy building Santa's Sleigh at the Home Improvment store.

I don't have the obligatory picture of Stephen wearing his turkey hat for Thanksgiving - the little turkey wouldn't wear it.

Stephen had his last swim lessons for the year this past week. He will remain in the same level, since he won't voluntary put his head under water, but he continues to make strides. On Tuesday, and again on Thursday, Stephen and the girls in his class swam the entire length of the pool and back again. He was very proud of himself, but also completely exhausted.

This last picture is Stephen demonstrating a newfound skill. He can now pull himself up and climb out of the pool on his own. He can't quite manage to get himself back to a seated position after he is out, but I'm sure he'll figure that out soon.

We are getting ready for Christmas around here, and Stephen is working hard for the last 2 weeks of school. And of course, we have the big FIFTH birthday coming up next week, and subsequent birthday party! Stephen is very excited about his birthday and party with his friends.


Cindy said...

Wow! You are one great swimmer, Stephen! I see the Olympics in your future!

Aunt Beth said...

"...He won't voluntary put his head under water...." I hope no one is involuntarily putting his head under water! Dunking is frowned upon in swimming lessons.

MommyP said...

Welllllll... Stephen's teacher has our permission to push Stephen a little bit, and on occasion, it means telling him to hold his breath and taking him under for a second. So far, he hasn't swallowed any water doing this, so I assume he is closing his mouth. And he's not afraid, either. :-) So it's not dunking so much as helping...