Monday, November 8, 2010

Big Doings at the Heine House!

Let's start with the events of Friday... Stephen went to the dentist! I don't have any pictures from that visit, as I was very busy wrangling a nervous boy. Stephen, unfortunately, has had to see enough "new" doctors in his life that he now gets very nervous at most doctors' offices. In spite of all of that, his teeth got a clean bill of health, and we'll head back in 6 months!

After the dentist, we headed over to the park to meet up with some friends. We played with a little boy from Stephen's class, and that boy's twin brother and older sister. It was FANTASTIC!! Stephen used to be very clingy when we went to the park, but this trip was completely different. He was running around with other kids, and trying to play with them - and not just the 3 kids he knew, but a large group of kids that were playing together! He went on the play structures by himself, and down all of the big slides on his own. He played pretend with his friend's brother and sister - the boy was pretending to be a giant, and once I explained it to Stephen, he decided to be the "brave boy" (that is what the sister dubbed him) who was chasing the giant. After about an hour and a half, we were pooped, and went home for a nap.
After naptime, Erik came home, and we went to the furniture store. We had decided last week that it was time to get Stephen in to a full-sized bed. His sleep was getting worse and worse, and we were guessing that he was waking himself up by rolling into the sides of his toddler bed. The bed was set to be delivered on Sunday, and Stephen was SO excited about his "big boy bed." Unfortunately, they brought the wrong frame, so they had to redeliver today.

Today... Stephen fell down some stairs and got his first goose egg. This was the best picture I could get of his injury. As you can see, he wasn't too upset about it at this point. He fell before school, but after watching him for 30 minutes, I decided to send him to class, but not after giving his teacher a head's up. She said that he did just fine all morning, and was fine by the time he came home. The swelling went down as the day wore on, but I suspect it will be more colorful when he wakes up in the morning!
This afternoon, however, the correct bed frame was delivered! They attached the headboard and footboard that used to be the front and back of his crib, and I got the rest set up for him! Stephen is quite pleased with his new bed.
After his stories, Stephen fell asleep with no problem. Here's hoping he'll sleep well all night, although I won't be shocked if he wakes up a little bit because it's hard for him to sleep the way he wants because of his head.


Megan said...

Yeah for big boy beds!

Aunt Beth said...

Great bed! That will serve him well for many, many years!