Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our little Stephen has had many new accomplishments this week! In addition to pedaling his tricycle (downhill, but he keeps his feet on the pedals, which is an improvement!), he has also begun walking up the stairs outside our house without assistance. He will only do that with his dad thus far, but it's a major accomplishment nonetheless.

Stephen was invited to his first birthday party today. The party was for his friend's sister, who was turning 5. They had a Moon Bounce at the party, and after overcoming his initial fear, Stephen LOVED bouncing in it! He wasn't jumping on his own (we're still working on that), but got some good air time with the help of his dad. I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures. Stephen really enjoyed the party, and loved seeing his friend (this is another little boy in his preschool class).

This week will bring another first - the first FIELD TRIP!! I am, of course, going as a chaperone to the farm, where the pre-k kids will be learning about animals and pumpkins. I'm going to drive Stephen myself since they are not taking the buses with the carseats in them. When he's bigger he can take the bus, but for now, it makes me feel better to know he's safely strapped in to a carseat. I WILL remember to take the camera for this one!!


Sarah R said...

Funny you should mention the tricycle -- Andrew does not want to get on his and pedal. He prefers to just push it around the driveway, along with all of our strollers and basically anything with wheels.

It isn't uncommon for me to come home from work and see a stroller tipped over between our yard and the neighbor's. LOL.

Aunt Beth said...

Love the video! Go, Stephen!