Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool Progress!

School has been back in session for a few weeks now, and Stephen is doing great! His teacher said that he is so cooperative and helpful, and is very good about doing whatever he is supposed to be doing. He is also doing so well with using the bathroom there, that she has asked that he start wearing underwear to school next week. Eek!! We hadn't been sending him in underwear, even though that's what he wears at home, because he sometimes has trouble with using the bathroom when he is in a new situation. HOWEVER, he's been doing great with it since school started, so it's time to move on to the next step. He continues to do well at church school, too, especially since they moved into their new classroom!

This afternoon, Stephen was doing his very best E.T. impression in his room... Note the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. We brought those home from Pennsylvania at the request of Grandma Deb, who said that they used to belong to Erik. Stephen really enjoys playing with them.
Slightly cooler weather has also meant some quality time at the park. We went over the weekend, and we were the only people there!!
Stephen was thrilled to not have to wait for his favorite swings!
One of our neighbors was doing a project over the long weekend, and had to rent a Bobcat, which fascinated Stephen to no end. He loved going to watch "the boys" dig up dirt, and watch them drive around the "digger." So we went one evening to inspect it, and he got to sit in it! We didn't want him to drive it, though...
Stephen continues to do more "big boy" things every day. It's hard to describe them exactly, as they would seem to most to be such small changes, but it's definitely a sign that we no longer have a toddler in our home, but a little boy. A wonderful, challenging, funny little boy.


Aunt Beth said...

Great preschool update! Way to go, Stephen!

As for the Raggedy Ann and Andy, those weren't just Erik's but rather Erik's made by his Grandma Heine with love. Every grandchild has a set (large or small). They are family treasures.

MommyP said...

I did know that... I thought I wrote that, too, but I guess not. They've survived WELL for being over 30 years old!!