Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some news you can use!

Yesterday afternoon, the three of us headed off to take care of some business, and while we were at our location, Stephen discovered doors with lever handles. We don't have any of those in our house, so he hasn't seen them often. Well, yesterday, he figured them out. He watched what we were doing, walked right up to the door, opened it, and went out into the hallway. This, of course, became quite the entertaining game - not just for Stephen, but for everyone there!

This behavior continued later that afternoon when we headed back to the ENT to discuss the sleep study results. Unfortunately, we had to wait quite a while to be seen, so once we got into the exam room, Stephen was continually trying to (and occasionally succeeding in) escape out into the hallway! The nurses were quite amused, especially the times when he would take off RUNNING down the hallway!

But, on to more interesting things... the results! I'd posted before that Stephen's sleep study showed mild, obstructive sleep apnea. According to the study, Stephen was averaging 4 apnea episodes per hour while there. An apnea episode is either when the person stops breathing for 10 seconds, or their oxygen levels drop below 92%. It is considered mild when that number is between 1 and 4, so Stephen is bordering on Moderate apnea. At any rate, when the doctor finally came in, he started talking about surgery being the best option, and Erik and I jumped at that! We know that surgery will be difficult for our little guy, but the outcome will have such a positive impact on his life. Soooooo, surgery is scheduled for June 30. I'm hoping to have a specialist from the hospital talk to Stephen a little bit a couple of days beforehand, in the hopes that it will help him to not be quite so afraid. At the very least, we are hoping that we can all get a tour of where we will be staying, because we have to stay overnight. Even though it is an outpatient surgery, since Stephen is under 3, we have to stay over.

Today, Stephen had PT. He thoroughly impressed his therapist with his ability to manipulate puzzle pieces at a skill level much higher than his age, and we taught him today how to kick a ball. He also picked that up really quickly. As well as he did with this, I can only imagine how much more quickly he will progress and learn new skills when he feels rested!

This picture is from a trip to the zoo on Saturday with Stephen's "Grandma" Kat (a friend from when I was working). We don't get a lot of pictures of the two of us, so this one is a keeper!

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