Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As I'm sure many of you know, Stephen is quite the little mischief maker of late. Thankfully, he has gotten through his phase of throwing things in the trash can that do not belong there (shoes, sippies, toys...), and hasn't yet started getting things out of the drawers when he opens them, but he is certainly enjoying being a little stinker!

Yesterday, we went to see Erik at school, since he was done teaching summer school, and while visiting with the ladies in the deans' offices, Stephen went into one of their offices, and closed/locked the door. Luckily, we had a key, but he was just standing in there, grinning.
Since Stephen has been so tired these past couple of weeks, he has taken to closing his eyes while he is walking, or just standing still. It's funny, and sad at the same time. I was telling his therapist today about it, and Stephen decided it would be fun to just start walking around with his eyes closed! We were worried about it at first, thinking he was super tired, but then he started to giggle, and had a very mischievous smile on his face. Surprisingly, he didn't fall once, nor did he walk into any walls!

Also in PT today, we played with PlayDoh. I've been hesitant to bring it out too often because of Stephen's penchant for putting it in his mouth, but we thought it would be good for working on fine motor skills. Of course, as soon as he had his piece, it headed straight for his mouth. Erik and I stopped him of course, and helped him to imitate what his therapist was doing. He did really well! However, every so often, I would see a look in his eyes, along with that familiar troublemaker grin, as he brought it towards his mouth again. We stopped him each time, and he giggled. I don't know if he would have eaten it or not, but he was enjoying his game!

Surgery is in less than a week, and we have been practicing with his "mask," which is the same as the one he will have there to give him the gas before anesthesia. He knows just what to do, and likes to do it. Hopefully this will help him to not be nervous when the time comes.
I'll finish up with a few fun photos!

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HI said...

Hehe...we have the same step stool in the bathroom. About the playdoh, Olivia also used to put them in the mouth.

However, since I threatened to take them away if she puts them in her mouth, she has been cooperating. :0