Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots of photos!!

To make up for the lack of Blogging these past couple of weeks, here are some fun pictures!

Stephen is sleeping really well in his big boy bed. He has only gotten out of bed a couple more times, but has discovered that he enjoys doing front flips over the shorter rail. Thankfully, he didn't hurt himself the 2 times he did it, and hasn't done it since then.

On the Friday before Easter, we took Stephen to an Easter Egg Hunt at OCU. It was for all of the faculty, staff and student children, and Stephen had a great time! As soon as he saw what the other kids were doing, he dove right in. and ended up with 8 eggs before he decided it was too cold and windy. He was very particular about which eggs he was choosing to pick up, but was still nervous about the whole thing, and kept a death-grip on his dad the whole time we were out there.

Stephen also got to meet the Easter Bunny, and wanted desperately to squeeze his nose!

After we got home, we had lunch, and Stephen passed out in his crib. He was so tired from running around during the morning that he fell asleep before he even laid down in bed.

Stephen has been enjoying the freedom of walking when we go out to run quick errands. He especially loves being able to walk between people, holding their hands.

His favorite place to do this right now is Target, followed closely by The Home Depot. At both stores, we occasionally even let him go by himself, but Stephen has a tendency to be a bit of a trickster, and likes to run off in the opposite direction from where the adults are going, so we don't do this TOO often...

This is a family photo from Easter Sunday. Stephen was waiting for lunch, which explains the look on his face in this shot...
But, with Daddy goofing off behind the camera, we were able to get a good smile with his grandparents.

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Brieshon said...

Sooooo cute!! He's getting so big! Love the pic of him sleeping sitting up - too adorable!