Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update from "training"

Stephen met with his "trainer" today. While we were working on things, Stephen decided that he wanted to play with his Alphabet magnets, like this:

He reaches down into a box on the floor to pick up a magnet, and then places it into the yellow base, which then sings a phonics song about the letter. Well, today, he decided to pick some up and put them on the board, and then take them with his left hand and put them into the base. Usually he balances himself on the wall with his left hand, so today, he was balancing himself with... NOTHING!!! Just his trunk! He stood without touching the wall for almost a minute!!! Stephen grabbed the wall again when he needed to reach down for another letter, but his trainer and I were just so proud! The two of them have a very good relationship, so once Stephen starts walking completely independently (more than he is already), we are going to try to think of every single motor skill that he should have by the time that he is 3, so that she can continue to come every week and work with us. I'm pretty pleased with all of that!!

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